April 9, 2010

Our House!

I have let you all down. Tyler and I went to look at our soon to be home.... and I took pictures. BUT, I forgot to take a picture of the front of the house! Haha... so, I will show you the inside now.. and I will leave you in suspense about the front! (I know.. its mean.. but, its my blog!)

This it the living room which you walk into from the front door. (Which is to the left of the big windows.) There is a door to the right that leads to the kitchen/dining area.

(Just imagine our HUGE tv and amazing furniture in here!)

Here is our quaint little kitchen! That door leads out to the the garage and laundry room. To the Left of the light switch on the wall is the dining area.
If you do a total 180 - this is the great room. (That strip of carpet is not permanent!) Oh the very edge of the left side you can see the brick fireplace. There is also a back door out to the yard.
Down the hall is the Master bedroom. The wall to the right is the closet and the door Tyler is standing in front of is the bathroom.
This is the Master bathroom. To the left is a huge walk-in shower. As you can see Tyler was trying everything out!
This is the second/guest bedroom. It is on the front of the house across the hall from the Master.
All of the closet doors are beautiful wood.
I saved the best for last! This is the PINK bathroom. Oh how we love the 50's! (Approx. about the time Tyler was born!) Hopefully with the right accessories, we can tone down this pink some.

I realized after seeing these pictures that I did a horrible job at showing the house off. But, the good news is, we take possession on April 15th! This also means that leaves the perfect opportunity to take more pictures! So consider this the tease post!

Now, I need some moving boxes!

- ECM(F)

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