March 18, 2010

Larger than Life

I bring you our new 50 inch flat screen TV! She is a real beaut! And what better to watch on it than Wheel of Fortune! (I could have turned the letters it was so big!) It is currently in my tiny little place... but in a short few months in Tyler and I's living room! We traveled to Lawrenceberg, TN to the Red Top Bargain Barn and got a great deal on this thing. Including tax it was about half of what the price is usually. As you know, we LOVE getting a good deal on stuff. So, look for plenty of election watching parties at our house someday soon... and definitely the Superbowl!

And as a matter of fact..... the wedding is in 100 days! Can you believe that?!?! I remember when it was in the 400's. My oh my how time flies!


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