April 16, 2010

Blog Fail...

You all are going to think I am crazy. No seriously. But, I have a good excuse. We went to get the keys to the house last night. But, it was too late to take a picture of the front of the house because it was dark outside. And, let's be honest, you still couldn't have seen anything if I had taken one. But, until I can get one of the front, here are some more of the inside.
The Master bathroom in a little different light...
The cedar closet - I think it is awesome!
Fully embrace how much pink there is in this picture.. then imagine the whole room......
Front door

Hallway to the bedrooms

Our fireplace.. fire extinguisher included. (I moved that extra piece of carpet before we left!)

Dining area! Look for my baker's rack there soon!
My favorite room in the house- the kitchen!

Isn't it great!?!


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