October 16, 2012

Pumpkin Painting

This year I decided to paint a pumpkin instead of carving.

I started with a plain ol' pumpkin.

I picked up some garage sale stickers from Wal-Mart of two different sizes. I stuck them all over the pumpkin.

I also picked up some black spray paint. Just make sure it is indoor/outdoor. Then I went to town on the pumpkin.

**I will say - the circles didn't come out as clean as this picture looks. I think that my spray paint was not the best for the job. I had to do a lot of "cleaning up" of the circles with rubbing alcohol.
 It is a pretty awesome decoration. I admit that I am kinda scared to set it outside for fear it will start peeling.  Therefore, it makes for a great indoor decoration. And, the great thing about it not being carved is that it isn't  rotting in front of our eyes!

Have you been making any fall decorations?

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