August 19, 2011

The New Ride

I am sorry to say that it was time for my little Civic to move on to bigger and better things. Don't get me wrong.. there was plenty of memories made in that car but it just wasn't cutting it any more.

As much as Tyler and I travel, we needed a reliable more spacious car (4 doors!) After much debate we decided on the Super White Camry. It even has DVD players in the headrests! (although we usually don't have anyone in the back seat!)

Imagine my surprise when I found that one my the doors didn't open from the inside and my phone charger didn't work either. It is a good thing for warranties! I took the car back in within one week of owning it. (They claim it was just a fluke they were messed up, which I believe them.)

Then the repair guys decided they would have to keep my car overnight because it was hard to get to what they needed to fix. So they gave me this ride:
Can you imagine me driving this? I called it a box. Complete with rims, a racing stripe, and a spoiler. I also may or may not have listened to rap while I was driving it because of course it had an amazing sound system.

So glad to have my Camry back! And, if you ever take a ride with us, make sure to bring your favorite DVD!

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