April 8, 2011

24.. No not the TV Series or the Interstate

It is that time of the year again.. that time that I get another year older. And, following the tradition of years past this one turned out just as eventful and dramatic as the rest of them. So I have declared this will be the last one I celebrate in case any one was wondering.

I did have several perks to my birthday as well...My office brought in 2 ice cream cakes! They were so good! And, my amazing husband sent me flowers to work! (My favorite!)

Sadly due to the craziness of our lives.. I saw very little of Tyler on my birthday. He had planned to make breakfast for me, but I had to go to a breakfast for work. So, I asked him to eat lunch with me, but he had to attend a lunch for work. And, Tyler has night class on Thursday nights, and a group project meeting after. So, Tyler finally got home about 9:00 and we celebrated then.

I have made my own birthday cake since I was 13 with the exception of the past 2 years. I decided to take on a challenge this year for my cake. Tyler has a favorite caramel cake that is made each year for the Langston family reunion. And, I must admit, I love it too.

I'll be honest, it was the hardest cake that I have ever made. There may or may not have been carmel splattered all over the kitchen by the time I was done. But, none the less, I did... and it wasn't all that bad!

I was also successful to blow out all the candles in one breath!

Overall, it was a great birthday because of the wonderful people in my life.
But, let's not push it.. I am no where near ready for 25 so let's stop while we are ahead!

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