April 14, 2011

Chattanooga Walk of Fame

Chattanooga is no Hollywood, we all know that. But, don't be fooled, we still have a Walk of Fame.

Chattanooga's famous walking bridge (which, by the way, was built by my great great grandfather!) is know for being the designated walking bridge. Before the renovations to restore the bridge last year, they were selling plagues to help support the renovation. It was around this time last year and I thought Tyler and I needed to purchase one. But, we weren't married and these plaques would be around for a while. So, I went ahead and purchased one with my name being Forrest. (It was a good thing we made it to the wedding!!!)

Marly and I took a little stroll over the bridge this afternoon. I had totally forgot about the plaques... until I happened upon....
What a nice surprise it was! I am so honored to forever be a part of the bridge. It probably means more to me than most people because of the family history behind it but, it is good to see other people helping out a cause to keep this famous "Chattanooga Walk of Fame" around!

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