March 21, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Tyler's grandparents have a condo in Longboat Key, Florida. We went in 2009 for Spring Break and decided it would be nice to go again. His grandparents were kind enough to let us go.

We left after work on Friday and started the 11 hour drive down there. We got in a little after 3:00 AM....

The first night we ate at one of our favorite restaurants there, the Beach House. We were there right as the sun was setting to it was the perfect start to the beach.
Longboat Key beaches have TONS of seashells everywhere... They are so neat!

Tyler is not only representing the UTC College of Business but also showing off the crazy bird we encountered.
One day we took a little excursion to play putt putt golf.
We explored some of the other islands close by.
One day we went sailing... one of the best things we have ever done. We had SUCH a great time!
The pink house belongs to Jerry Springer.
This house belonged to the lead singer of AC DC.
One day we biked to the grocery store to get the ingredients for our dinner that night.
We packed up the steaks, potatoes, and salad and headed back.
We also had to try the famous place, the Salty Dog, which is know for the fried hot dog.
We saw several beautiful sunsets. I can't say we ever saw a sunrise... !!!
And, what we be a beach vaca without the white shirt pictures?

And, we had our last meal at Sam Sneed's on St. Patrick's Day.
We were sad to come home but we had a great time!

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