December 3, 2010

Starting our Christmas Collection

Seeing as how this is our first Christmas we realized we would have zero decorations. Being the planning personality that I am if you remember, the day after Christmas last year, Tyler and I got our tree! I begged and begged Tyler to let me put our tree up before Thanksgiving and he just wasn't having it. But, Thanksgiving quickly came and went and I finally got to put up my tree!!!
Isn't she beautiful!?!?!

We also purchased a few other things last year after Christmas that didn't make the blog.. such as these adorable ornaments:

My mom was kind enough to pack up my ornaments that have hung on her tree over the past 22 years. And, now they are featured on my tree. (It was a bittersweet moment I must say. Growing up is always hard.) And, Tyler got some of his ornaments from Nanny's house when we helped her put up her tree.

But, Tyler and I still had a rather large tree to cover. We were in search for some new ornaments. The cutest ones we found, believe it or not, were at the Dollar General! We racked up several wonderful decorations there and have really enjoyed them!And, if you know me well you know I have a love for anything in the kitchen. So, for years now I have been collecting holiday runners, placemats, and dishes with no kitchen to call my own... until now!

So, I have busted out everything and they are ready to be used finally!

Seeing as how we have a tiny round kitchen table, I had a marvelous table runner that couldn't be used... so I got a little creative.

I also needed a centerpiece for our little table.. so inspired by my sister.. I made this:
(I think Martha Stewart would be proud!)

Nanny was kind enough to give us her church that has been used in her house for several years. I just love it!
This little guy was a gift from my Aunt Janis a few years ago
And, there are a few ornaments that we have added to our collection more recently.
This is the ornamnet we got on our weekend in Atlanta for the Chic-Fil-A Bowl when we also toured the Coca-Cola Museum.
This ornament was purchased on our trip to the Biltmore.
My mom purchased this for our first Christmas.
These 'Smores' ornaments are some of my favorites. So, when I saw this one.. it was a must have! SO cute!!!
This Santa guy was SUPER on sale with a coupon at Hallmark.. Tyler loves Santas!
My mom also gave us an early Christmas presents of Tennessee ornaments.
I think they make a nice addition to the tree of the couple that bonds of the love for Tennessee.

I just love Christmas!

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