December 7, 2010

A Christmas Craft

Tyler LOVES to display Christmas cards. Don't get me wrong, I do too. So, when we realized there was no real surface area to display them I was determined to fine the perfect spot.

It suddenly hit me.. we would hang them!

Our fireplace is awkward in that it doesn't have a mantel. Seeing as how we got some awesome stockings for $5 a piece at Belk, we had to get creative in hanging them. 3M hooks to the rescue - and just for your info - they do stick to brick! (Or at least they haven't fallen off yet!)

My solution for the cards was to use 3M hooks, some fishing wire, and some painted clothes pins to display our cards. (I am proud to say, I had all these items in my craft cubby.)

(P.S. Send us some more Christmas cards to display too!)

What Christmas crafts have you done?

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