May 5, 2010

Your Not-so-average Local Artist

I decided that as a wedding present to Tyler I would get a picture of his family crest framed to display in our house. Simple right? Buy the print, get frame, done. So I researched and found these to options. I showed them to Tyler and asked him which one was his. His answer: Neither. Ugh.... what was I going to do?

Then Tyler informed me that he has a picture of the Forrest family crest... that was hand drawn.... decades ago.... in pencil... about 2 inches tall. Great... yes? no?

So, that is how this little project got started. I had originally planned to major in art when I came to college. One art history class later, I realized I couldn't make it through the history part to actually start making art. How I got to be a business major? That's a whole different story!

Anyways, I had taken several art classes and always loved painting. So I decided I would tackle the family crest with my own two hands.... and paint it!

This is all I have so far...... Haha. Tyler got me that amazing easel for my birthday! It is very high quality. What you can't tell from the picture is that I gesso-ed it last night. (A.K.A primer for acrylic paints on canvas.) Now, I just have to enlarge the picture that Tyler has and draw lots of trees... get it Forrest.. trees......

I will keep you updated on how it turns out... and it you don't hear anything else about it.. know it didn't turn out well!


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