May 4, 2010

One of THOSE weeks

I am worn out just to start thinking about last week again. Geeze. I crashed on Sunday night.. early.

Let's see... Monday we sent out the wedding invitations.

We have received 31 RSVPs so far. Not to bad...

Then, on Friday the people in Tyler's office had me come by to open our wedding present from them.

(Tyler, Cindee, Michelle, Steve, Jeannie)

They gave us some wonderful pots & pans! I can't wait to start cooking on them! And, best of all, they have passed consumer reports! :)

The big day came... Tyler graduated! I am so proud of him! He has worked so hard during his time at UTC and it was well recognized.

(Tyler & my boss, Kim White, on the stage at graduation.)

After graduation we headed downtown to the Waterhouse Pavilion for a little dinner.

Lots of bling!

Lots of good food!

And LOTS of wonderful people.

(Bob, Linda, Scott, Rusty, Angie, Lori, Natalie, Ashley, Nanny, Andy, Amie, Tyler, Julia, Drew, me, Emma, Peggy, Ray, Darill, Matthew, Don, Mary, and Sarah. Not pictured: Terry, Terry, & Daniel)

All in all it was a great week!

The house is starting to look great. Our vegetable garden is planted. We have met several of our neighbors and I am still adjusting to living alone. Tonight I started on Tyler's personalized wedding present. Look forward to posts on all these things!

53 Days! - ECM(F)

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