April 30, 2010

What happend to April?!

Things have been hectic to say the least. Between me moving, Tyler graduating, and the wedding, it leaves very little time for other things. But, let me see if I can catch you up on some stuff.

The office renovations have finally come to an end. It only took from November to almost May! haha. This is the large map in the conference room that takes up one wall. It is AMAZING. Sometimes I just like to look at it!

I experienced my first Administrative Professional Day. A co-worker brought me this flower pot for our new house!

It will be my last Administrative Professional Day though because I have recently received a promotion! I will take my new position on June 1. With that comes business cards! But, seeing as how mine would only be good for another 26 days after I take on my new role, they went ahead and ordered them with my new last name! And, I will have my own office! Wooo Hoo!

Emily FORREST! It has a nice ring to it! YAY!

Our invitations went out on Monday. By last night we had 7 people already send back their RSVP cards! I love getting mail! It was just fabulous. Tyler said my face lit up when I opened the mailbox!

Tyler is keeping busy with the job search. He has had several interviews here and there. We are just waiting for the right position to come along. He has been a huge help with getting the house together and everything hooked up.

I also have been considering getting a new bike. Which Tyler gladly took a couple for a test drive around WalMart. He is such a BIG help! :) (Please notice what he is wearing.. dress clothes. And, a pen behind his ear. Oh goodness....)

57 days people! 57!-ECM(F)

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