April 1, 2010

April Fools!

You should all be happy to know... I will not be inserting any jokes into this post. I could joke and tell you all that we eloped, broke it off, or some other outrageous thing. But, who are we kidding, I am a horrible liar (even in plain text) and those things are funny at all. So that leaves you with just a plain, old, boring, full of truth post. Enjoy!

Tyler and I went to pick out the paper for the invitations. Check it out-White paper! Imagine that! However, there is some pretty nice feeling texture going on too!

I told you here that we had a wonderful shower! We got lots of gifts! We put away all our gifts not to use until after the wedding.

I spent Sunday night writing Thank You notes and they all went out on Monday - all 27 of them!

Not gonna lie- I was super excited and proud that I got those done so quickly. Let's just hope the ones to come are just as easily written and sent!

We have also been working on Tyler's graduation invitations! Apparently we are really embracing the lost art of the U.S. Postal Service here in the next few months!

And, today is the finally day of the Student Government Elections. Tyler will find out who will replace him for next school year this afternoon. He will officially pass over the title on April 15. It will be a bitter sweet day for both of us.

Tomorrow Tyler and I will be setting out to return to our respective home towns for Easter. (Tyler's favorite holiday!) We are still working to sort out how to share all the holidays and it was easier this year to go different ways. It seems like Easter came very quickly this year leaving little time to plan.

In case you were wondering. I have less than a week to enjoy being 22. In a short 6 days I will be: (When did that happen?!?!) Celebrating with the family this weekend.. and I think Tyler has something up his sleeve for the big day! We shall see!


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