March 29, 2010

Nashville Wedding Shower Update

Tyler and I are so blessed with such wonderful family and friends! This weekend we traveled to Nashville for our first wedding shower! It was so much fun! It was hosted by these three lovely ladies: Aunt Janis, Aunt Renee, and Paula Wright.

My mother and aunts prepared the food.

Several of my high school and college friends came! It was great to see them all!

Five out of my six bridesmaids were there! Love them!

Even my 92 year old grandmother came!

Tyler's grandmother and mother came from Athens to join us!

We even had a jar for well wishes. I can't wait to read them all!

The moms!

This little guy would be William. The little boy I babysat for 7 years. Tyler sat on one side of me and William sat on the other. He told his mom earlier that day that if there wasn't room for him to sit next to me, he was going to sit in Tyler's lap! Tyler is well aware of the "other man" in my life and actually they hit it off wonderfully! When it was time to leave, William asked if Tyler could stay a little longer to play with him. If William approved, I knew I was in good hands!

We had a wonderful time! There were so many presents they wouldn't all fit in the car! I will be getting the second load when I go back up to Nashville this weekend for Easter.


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