March 8, 2010

I'm Alive!

I finally have internet in my apt again and now I can update you about the goings on with pictures!

I left off at Valentine's Day. Tyler did an amazing job at planning our date this year. He brought me these beautiful flowers when he came to pick me up. (Did I mention that I LOVE flowers!)
Then we went to Porter's in Downtown. We had a fabulous meal. It was the longest dinner of my life and I enjoyed every minute of it. We really got to enjoy each others company and not have to rush to be anywhere else. We finished up the night with champagne and dancing...I have the most romantic guy!

The next weekend Laura and Jessica came to visit. We love to dance!

Then came March!

Tyler and I went on a hiking adventure this weekend. We were so excited about the hint of spring weather that we went out to enjoy it. So after a little hiking we had a little picnic lunch and headed back down the mountain.

We have exciting news! We own a washer and dryer! Even though we have no where to put them, we couldn't pass them up! They are only a year old and we got them both for $150! They will be stored until we put them to use in June! That's not all the good news either! Tyler and I began our search for a place to live once we are married. We spent an entire Saturday looking at apartments. We both are tired of apartment living. But, that was what our budget allowed for.

Remember when I had two jobs? The lady that I worked for in the afternoons has a rental house in Red Bank for a GREAT deal. The people that were in it moved out and she is working to renovate it. New carpets, paint, and other general updating. The house should be finished in May! Which is perfect timing! I will moving in the house in May and Tyler will be joining me after our honeymoon!

We talked about it yesterday and I didn't realize that it would be so soon! We are close to half way done with March, then April, then MAY! This year is flying by! Not to mention there are only 110 days until the wedding! I can't hardly believe it!

We met with the florist this weekend and discussed more in detail about the flowers. They are all ready to go and set for wedding! I can't wait to get them!

Now I think you are officially caught up on our lives. Hopefully now that I have internet back it won't take me as long to update you! - ECM(F)

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