February 16, 2010

I interrupt this program...

Seeing as how I still can't get internet in my lovely apartment, I am behind on my photo uploading. Therefore, this post will be pictureless and not about current events. I will update you on Valentine's Day and other events once I can entertain you with pictures as well!

Now you are thinking, so what are you going to talk about then? ME! Don't stop reading now, you might actually learn something!

  • I love hosting parties. Actually, I love entertaining in general. Even if there is only one person coming to dinner, I break out the fancy dishes...keeping in mind...all the dishes that I own came from garage sales and Goodwill! But none the less, our guests would never know. (Unless they read this and now my secret is out!)
  • I love to organize things. My closet and underwear drawer is in rainbow order and divided by styles. Even my planner is color coordinated. One of the first things I did at my new job was organize their office supplies. Which is another thing I love.
  • I love office supplies. Especially Sharpies and Post-it notes. I have every color of Sharpie in various sizes- mini, clickable, fine point, regular, and jumbo. I have several type of Post-it notes too. That is mainly what my desk at work consists of. I use them for everything. I even used Post-It notes to answer Tyler when he asked me to be his Valentine. (More on that to come!)
  • I hate for my food to touch on my plate. If they weren't cooked together then they shouldn't be eaten together. I also eat my food in a certain order. I eat my least favorite first and my favorite last. This is so my last bite is the best one.
  • I only grow my hair out to chop it off. As gross as it may seem, the past 3 times I have gotten my hair chopped off I have saved it. (Don't worry, it is put away and stored, not as gross as it sounds!) After the wedding, I plan to make it the final chop. My reason? It takes a certain amount of hair to make one wig for Locks of Love. After my cut in June, I will have enough to send in so they can make a wig of just my hair. I started this task back in high school.
  • I hate being late. I am always the first person to the office. One reason I knew Tyler was my guy is that he is always on time too. Most of the time we are early to things and I love it.
  • I am terribly impatient. I hate waiting. For example: I have begged Tyler at every holiday to open presents early. He tells me when we have kids, I will probably still be the one he has to keep from opening presents early, not them.
  • I am very competitive. Even things that should be a competition become one. This is the reason I won't be starting grad school when Tyler does. I don't want to have to compete against him to get a better grade. He is way too smart for me to do that.

Now that you are all well informed about me, I will continue with our current event posts soon.


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