February 3, 2010

Snowed In!

That's right! Snow in Tennessee. Everyone get some bread & milk... we might be SNOWED IN! As all Tennesseans know... we don't know what to do with those small white flakes from the sky. They seem to cripple the city. I can't quite tell if it is because we are amazed by it or we simply don't know how to handle it. While I was at work the snow really started to come down. I was sent home. I made it home fine just before the chaos happened. The roads were covered leaving me nothing to do but... MORE CRAFTS! So, I can't complain all that much!

Just before the snow started on Friday, UTC had the ground breaking of the new library. Tyler, being the in role of President got to say a few words to the audience ... and play in the dirt!

Tyler and Senator Bo Watson were dressed EXACTLY the same. It was quiet funny.

It wasn't too long before the city was blanketed.

Here is a picture of a blizzard Tennessee style.

Saturday I did get Tyler to take me out to pick up our pottery. It turned out great!

While we were painting it we noticed a sticker on the back that said "MADE IN ITALY." Being the Tennessee lovers that we are; we changed it to read:
(I apologize it is a little crooked!)

Then, the rest of the evening was filled with crafts. I got this idea to make cones to hold the confetti for the send-off. This prevents people having to hold it in their hands waiting for us.

Easier said than done.. but they ARE done!

Next in the line up of crafts were the preparations for the favors.

I didn't like the original ribbon for the dresses so I worked on cutting all new ribbon. I also worked on cutting the tulle that goes inside to protect the M&Ms from getting lost through the cracks. Tulle is kinda like rabbits..it seems to multiply before your eyes!

(Notice.. the cones had just been finished...)

After this marathon craft weekend. I was worn out!

What was Tyler doing while I did all this? Studying and playing Monopoly. Haha. I can't complain though, I loved every minute of it!

We have been saying some prayers about Tyler's job search. He has a few more important meetings/leads happening at the end of this week.


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