January 25, 2010

Craft Corner

I'll be the first to say it.... I LOVE CRAFTS! I have a whole drawer in my desk devoted to crafts. I have been super pumped that I have been able to do several Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects for the wedding. (Only 152 days away!)

Here are some of the crafts that have been keeping me busy:

1. I finally finished the cake topper! It is FULL of pretty sparkles and I love it. It only took me 23598478 hours (ok not really.. more like 12) but it was totally worth it. (When you see how small the jewels are you will see why it took forever.) I know I said I wasn't showing it until the wedding.. but... I am caving under pressure. Here it is:
2. Another wedding project are these:
These are the 50% off letters I found at Hobby Lobby. They are also a very bright gold... not so much wedding ready. So, I have painted them to this:

Next step... attaching some ribbon to hang them. These were inspired by the letters on the Save the Dates. The reasoning behind them... it is Tyler and Emily at the ceremony and the Forrests at the reception! (Hints the cake topper!) I realize probably no one else will realize this.. but I liked the idea!

3. I took a field trip to Woodmore Elementary on Friday during my lunch break to my friend Lindsay's 1st Grade class. They just got done studying penguins. This is the craft I found to do with them:

4. I have been begging Tyler to take me to paint pottery. So Saturday afternoon we took a trip to River City Pottery. Here I am sketching out the plate:
Tyler helped a lot!
And here is the finished product after 3 whole hours! We have to wait until next Saturday to go pick it up and see what it looks like fired! I can't wait. We plan on displaying it in our new home come June!

And, when we aren't busy doing crafts... we like to feed the ducks - as we named them -Andy & Barney

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  1. Way to be crafty! On penguin day, did anyone throw scissors at you...like my favorite student when you visited back in the day?