January 14, 2010

So Close!

As most of you know, Gov. Bredesen and the topic of the new legislation for schools is a very hot topic right now. (I couldn't tell you a thing about it if you don't so... ask Tyler!)

Anyway, while Tyler and I were in Atlanta for the Chick-Fil-A Bowl there was talk of a special called meeting by Bredesen himself for the UT Trustee, etc. Tyler tried hard not to get his hopes up just in case the meeting never came about. Then, he got "the email." The meeting was scheduled for January 13 in Nashville.

Tyler headed to Nashville early yesterday morning and made it to the capitol building with a question he was dying to ask and lots of time to spare. He wanted to secure a good seat before all the good ones were gone.

I got this picture on my phone. He was on the front row, dead center, within feet from the Governor. Once the Governor had given his information about the topic he asked if there were any questions. No one said anything, so Tyler takes the perfect opportunity to ask his question. "What are you planning to do about the students already enrolled in higher education?" Bredesen answered and a few more questions were asked.

The session was concluded. Immediately Governor Bredesen steps from behind the podium and shakes Tyler's hand and thanks him for asking a question! Tyler was in heaven! As he was leaving he called me to tell me all about it.

And, on top of all this, he was on the news in Nashville and Knoxville, and in the paper in Nashville and Chattanooga!

Check out these links for the newspaper articles: (look for him in the very front of the picture!)

The Tennesseean

Times Free Press

Another Tyler appearance this week was in the UTC Alumni magazine called Chattanooga Today. We were a little sad it was such an old picture but media coverage is always welcomed for the future Govenor!


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