December 14, 2009

Finding Our Christmas Spirit

This is the first Christmas that I haven't been taking finals and then heading home to Nashville. It is pretty strange that it is the week before Christmas and I am here in Chattanooga until Christmas Eve. I guess that is all part of growing up. I will say I am impressed with my Chattanooga Christmas so far. Here is an old picture of what Market Street used to look like years ago:

Now it looks nothing like that today no matter how much I wish it did. But, there are some Christmas decorations that I really love.

These cute little scenes are in the EPB building windows. Which is where I also park. I walk past them every day and even if they are a little scary in their motorized movements, I still love them.

This rather large bow on a building is on my bank route. I get to enjoy this every day!

These boxes appeared on my desk on Friday. We have received LOTS of office presents. This can also be a down fall for the diet. These certain boxes contained goodies from the Chattanooga Market.

Also some decorations I enjoy not pictures are the snowflake lights on Broad Street and the walking bridge.

This weekend, Amie came down to go Christmas shopping with Tyler and I. After 9 hours, 8 stores, and several presents later, we were almost complete with the Christmas shopping and completely worn out.

This is Tyler doing a back bend to try out the neck massage for sampling on the display at Kohls. Somehow, I don't think this is what they meant.

Here is Tyler trying out another suggested Christmas gift. Just what everyone needs right?!?A head light? Just as we were starting to get a good laugh out of this, an employee came up and told us how much he and his whole family loved theirs. Oops! Anyways, Tyler looks like he is ready for the coal mines. Haha.

Tyler finished up his semester with some pretty awesome grades! I am so proud of him. He only has one more semester left of college! He headed back to Athens last night for Christmas break. He got there just in time for the dress rehearsal for the First Baptist Church of Niota Christmas play. Tyler is a prophet. I will be heading to Athens next weekend to see it. I can't wait to see him in his Biblical attire. Haha!

Until next time! - ECM(F)

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