December 18, 2009

My trip to the doctor....

Due to my new job, I recently got my own insurance! It had been a while since I had been to the doctor because it is not something that I tend to do willingly. But, I thought that I would go ahead and just go for a check up. As some of you might know, I am TERRIFIED of needles. I don't mean this lightly either. Seriously terrified. I have never had blood drawn for as long as I can remember. I figured it was about time. My wonderful fiance came back to Chattanooga to attend this doctor's appointment with me. (He is too good to me!)

We get there just in time and had a short wait. Everything was fine, then the doctor said she was going to get the nurse to come take some blood samples. I was kind and gave her a fore warning that I was not good at this type of thing. They bring me a cup of coke thinking that I was the kind that passes out. Amateurs...... so I drank the coke like they said. Then the nurse come in and brings me bubble wrap to "distract me"... that didn't work either. So like usual I started hyperventilating and scared the nurse and she called in the doctor. Then they tried to wait for another day, Tyler wouldn't let them. After antagonizing in pain on the table it was finally over. The nurse asked Tyler to had me some tissues. He did and then he sat down and said he wasn't feeling well.

Just as the nurse was wrapping up my arm, Tyler passes out! In runs the doctor, and 3 other nurses (all ladies mind you) to Tyler's side. After a couple minutes Tyler finally comes to. We have to stay extra time in the room while Tyler recovers. This was the moment the nurses told us we are never going to make it through having children, between my fear of needles and Tyler passing out, we would never make it through the delivery room! Of course with Tyler's charm, he had all the ladies laughing by the end of it. And so were we! Tyler's take on the situation: "The ladies always flock to me." -ECM(F)

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