November 20, 2009

Tis the Season!

It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is NEXT week! As most of you know, Thanksgiving is Tyler's favorite holiday. I am especially excited about it this year too! I am looking forward to not only bring Tyler home to share it with my family but also going to share it with Tyler's family. I will be contributing a Leaf Wreath to the Priest Thanksgiving breakfast this year. And, to the Martin Thanksgiving Feast a traditional pumpkin pie and... something else. (I have yet to decide!) I am also looking forward to leftover turkey sandwiches. This is the only reason that my mom would ever buy me white bread. I LOVED white bread as a kid however, my mom would never buy it for me except at Thanksgiving. (Don't worry Mom, I'm not holding it against you.)

I have something I must confess: I have listened to Christmas music on the way to to work EVERYDAY this week. You see, it all started on Monday morning, I just couldn't listen to this one song that I had just heard one too many times. So that's when I innocently hit the scan button. The next thing I know the radio was singing those sweet Christmas tunes and I couldn't resist the urge. I stopped the scan and before I knew it I was belting out the words of "Where are you Christmas?" as if I were Faith Hill herself. I will say, I am TOTALLY in the Christmas mood now. =)

Speaking of Christmas: We have already started to get Christmas party invitations! I love a good Christmas party! Most of which are the annual Chancellor's Holiday parties. I am excited to get to see all my old friends on the University staff! I really do miss them. Also, Tyler and I have gotten the word that our Save The Dates/Christmas Cards are ready! I am anxious to see them!They will be in the mail December 1!

Tomorrow is the Vandy/UT game.......I can already tell you, it is going to be a rough day for Tyler and I. Seeing as how I am a Vandy fan and Tyler is a UT fan..there could be problems. I have informed Tyler that this would be the only time I would not wear orange in the skybox. I know this could be dangerous to my health but this is one thing I am willing to risk. When you are born and raised a Vandy fan, no boyfriend/fiance/soon-to-be husband can make you change this especially not to a UT fan. (Sorry babe!) I will let you know if I make it out alive! (only half kidding there!)


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