November 12, 2009

Only 226......!

That my friends, is the number of days left until the wedding! Considering that it was significantly more than that when we started, that number is looking better and better everyday! I am happy to say that I am officially done with planning! It took me 6 months to plan the whole thing and now I have to wait 7 months! All I lack is minor no... actually, just a videographer. Apparently this is not my strong point. I worked on the budget yesterday and we are right on track! I have definitely used my money saving smarts several times during the planning process! Just this week I (and Tyler!):

Confirmed the florist - ordered the personalized napkins - got the last part of the bridesmaid gifts - ordered the cake topper as a DIY project- confirmed the cake baker - finished the guest list (so MANY addresses) - ordered the save the dates - found several more items needed for the centerpieces!

I am slightly sad that it is over. I love planning! I know I will still have some more things to get and decide but for the most part the hunting for deals and the big decisions are made. Perhaps I should do event planning....

Tyler made it back from D.C. all in one piece! He and I attended the bonfire on campus last night! It really was a neat event, one that I hope they will continue. Tonight we are headed to Athens to celebrate his dad & sister's birthdays! Then back to Chattanooga for dessert with some Athens friends! It should be a good evening!

Tyler was awarded the John Stophel Scholar Award at the beginning of this week! I am so proud of him! One of the judges of the award said that he was the first person they voted on and it was unanimous! I am thankful that he gets recognition for all the work he gives to the University!

Sorry for a photo-less entry.. I will work on some for the next one! -ECM(F)

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