November 6, 2009


I am so glad it is Friday! It seems as though this week has gone by really fast, but it has also been jam packed!

Tyler is in Washington D.C. currently. I took him to the airport at 5:00 a.m. yesterday. He is up there participating in the Presidential Fellows Program. He and 60 other college students study different aspects of politics and presidential leadership. Just his type of thing. This is the first of two visits to the country's capital. He also has to write a wicked long paper! (Ugh!) I think he has really enjoyed his time from what I heard when I talked to him last night. He will have to fill you in on more details when he gets back! His flight gets in late Saturday night.

Last night, Lindsay joined me for the opening of the new Majestic 12 movie theatre. The RiverCity Company is partially responsible for this new LEED certified green theatre so I got 2 tickets to the sneak peek. It was crazy packed last night! We watched the movie The Hangover. It was super funny!
As I told you in an earlier post, Tyler and I went to take more engagement pictures. Thankfully, Wednesday afternoon was BEAUTIFUL! Here are some of the lovely products from that afternoon:
I think they turned out just wonderful!
Thanksgiving plans are in the works! I can't believe it is already time for that! I can honestly say that Thanksgiving hasn't been one of my favorite holidays for years now. (It is Tyler's most fav!) But, for some reason this year I am super excited! I am in charge of the pumpkin pie at my house so I have found a Paula Deen recipe that I am excited to try out! - ECM(F)

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