October 26, 2009

What happened to October?

Some of our "fans" have requested that we update the blog. I am going to try hard to make post more frequently. We have to give the people what they want!

First, a wedding update:
As Tyler said in the previous post, we did book a DJ for the reception. We also did find a person to make the cake! She is a sweet little lady and I am thrilled!

This weekend Amie joined us to go pick out tuxes for the wedding. To my surprise, guy's don't try on tuxes....who knew? (Having a guy in my life has totally opened up a whole new world that I have been missing. For example, neck size measurements? I am clueless!) None the less, we have those picked out and of course they are matching down to the cuff links!

We are also going to take session 2 of the engagement pictures on Nov 4th. I will make sure to post some when we get them back. (Pray for no rain this time!)

We also went to register for our wedding gifts. This was more overwhelming that I could have ever imagine. We started out at Belk. Here is a cute picture of Tyler:

Then we went on to Target! My home away from home! Target was a little less stressful. We had gotten more a handle on the situation. As the day went on, Tyler aka "the gun handler" began to really enjoy his duty.(Classic! You can't tell in the picture but he was making a "gun noise" too!)

Then there I was... List in hand to make sure we didn't forget anything!
We have also gotten our proof back from Daniel for our Save the Dates! They look amazing! Now the daunting task of finding addresses for everyone! Thanks to my wonderful fiance, we are going to be able to get the Save the Dates printed for FREE! (Love him!)

Now for the other activities we do:
To get into the Halloween/Fall season Tyler and I carved a pumpkin. I realized when we got done that every pumpkin in my life that I can remember has looked like this... haha, oh well. Here is a picture of our first pumpkin:
Tyler is off to Knoxville on Friday for the Board of Governor's meeting. I will be joining him when I get off work for a dinner that night. Then we will be staying for the UT/SC game on Saturday. Our time left in the skybox is coming to an end soon. After this game only the Vandy game is left. Here is a picture from the last football game:
We talked earlier in some other posts about buying a house. Well, after much consideration, we have decided to wait a while. We are going to look for a nice little apartment to rent for a while until we have a better handle on what life has in store for us. However, Tyler's roommate, Zach, did buy a house and is moving in November. Tyler has decided to move in with Zach into his house until we get married as opposed to staying in "the dump" as we like to call it. This is great all except for the fact that Tyler will no longer live 5 minutes away from me but almost 25 minutes away which is a major bummer. I know things will work out just fine though.

I am happy to say that I am officially an employee at RiverCity Company now! I have been asked to stay now that my 3 month trial period is over! This also comes with the wonderful gift of insurance! I will also be taking on more HR things at the first of the year! This truly has turned out to be the perfect job! Now we just have to find Tyler a job for after graduation! (I am still working at UTC some too in the afternoons after I get off work at RiverCity.) ECM(F)

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  1. As a teacher, I can totally see that he's making the noise! His cheeks are puffed out!

    Love it and love y'all!