October 16, 2009

WOW! We Have Been Busy

I'm a little ashamed to say that this is the first blog that I have ever written . . . Thank you Emily for getting me started. I really think it is such a neat idea for us to keep everyone up on all the great happenings that have been going on.

Emily and I both have been so busy! We have been busy together, by ourselves and every which way you can possibly be busy. I do tend to complain about it sometime, but really way down deep, I love every minute of it (I kinda think Em does as well). The fall has been filled with football games, wedding planning, new jobs, old jobs, school, no school and everything else you can think of.

Last week, I was in Knoxville for the UT Board of Trustees meeting. I came back to Chattanooga on Friday and then Emily and I went back to Knoxville the next morning for the Legislative Tailgate and then the UT vs. Georgia game (Go Vols)! I actually watched the game this time because it was so good (Emily makes fun of me, because I usually don't know what is going on). The Mocs also won last weekend in Samford. We are both so proud of them! They are currently 4-1!!! Go Mocs!

This week, has been one of those "test weeks" for me! They all seem to come at once! Last night, though, we attended a Legislative Reception at Chancellor Roger Brown's home on Lookout Mountain. We were back off the mountain in time for Grey's Anatomy! If you missed it and need to know what happened, ask Emily. She follows it much better than I do! We have been having Grey's Anatomy date nights for a while. They are pretty important to us (almost as much as Sunday nights)!

We are having a shopping date night tonight! I refuse to buy clothes, but Emily is in need of some news one, so I have decided to tag along and give my best opinion, even though, I am not sure how good it is! We also might meet with a potential cake baker, but I am not sure about that. We did decide on the DJ the other day. We are going to be using DJ Gene Lovin, who is spectacular and we both highly recommend! If you have not heard him, he is on Sunny 92.3 in the mornings.

All is well in Chattanooga and I hope it is with you! TSF

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