September 30, 2009

I'm marrying a KING!

That's right... Tyler got Top M.O.C. (Man On Campus) aka Homecoming King! I am so proud of him! It was partly judged by your campus involvement, an interview with community leaders, and then a student vote! It's nice that he can be recognized for all his hard work and dedication over the years. He really was a deserving candidate. The Homecoming Queen was Camille Ward who is sweet girl who is also very deserving of the award for as much as she does. (She also won the community service award like Tyler!) Here is a picture right after they were "crowned."

Now on to telling you what we did for the 1 year! We got massages! Tyler knew how much I loved the one I was given in February and thought I would like to go back. He had never been but was curious to see what it was like. So we each got a massage and went to dinner at Blue Water. Tyler ended up knowing a guy that works there and we got a free appetizer and dessert! It was a wonderful evening! I am so thankful to have such a wonderful guy!

The wedding plans are coming along very nicely. We are in search of a florist and a baker. Those are the only major things we have left on the list. We got the rest of our engagement pictures proofs back from the first session. They are really great. Here is a few more that I really happen to love. I think I like the first one because is it in a forest!

We are going to look at more houses tonight. We aren't cheating on the little yellow house, just making sure it is THE ONE for us. The developer is being difficult and we would have to deal with him a lot so we aren't sure that is something we want to before we go too much further. It also might be nice to have a yard for little Fletcher. (For those of you who don't know... that is our future dog. We named him Fletcher in honor of the business building where Tyler and I met. I know ... strange... but at least its not our first born right?) - ECM(F)

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