September 24, 2009

Engagement Pictures!

Like I said before, Tyler and I do everything in the rain. We went to take engagement pictures this past Saturday. Now if you live in TN you would know that it has been a monsoon here for the past week and a half. It literally poured all day up until the minute the photographer pulled up to the park to start pictures. This was after I convinced her that we had to at least TRY to get some pictures in. (We are on a schedule people!) Anyways, we are going to try and take some more on a more sunny day later in the fall but, there are some pretty amazing ones that did turn out.. rain and all!

Also, it is Homecoming Week here in Chattanooga. I am pleased to announce that Tyler won the community service award in honor of his dedication to the Chattanooga and UTC community! He will be presented the award at the Homecoming game on Saturday night. Also, he is on the Homecoming Court. We will find out on Saturday night if he got Homecoming King or not. I am so proud of him!

One year ago tomorrow Tyler and I will have been dating for one year! It is hard to believe that it has been a year! It seems fast but it also seems like we have been dating for a lot longer than that! Tyler and I agreed to make each other presents for this occasion instead of purchasing. He has planned some secret date for tomorrow night and has been giving me clues about it all week. Here are my clues from him so far:

1. Your must wear a skirt
2. Think outside the block
3. The numbers 2 & 3 are significant
4. You like it and I(Tyler) can't decide if I do or not

I've got nothing. I can't figure it out. My roommate, Laura, knows but I am not allowed to ask or he will cancel. (Some of you might already know the Valentine's Day story... I can't stand not knowing) I will let you know what it is when I do! -ECM(F)

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  1. I love that y'all are doing this blog! Can't wait to hear about the date!

    - Jess