September 17, 2009

The First One!

Ok... I know what you are thinking... Emily isn't a Forrest yet... BUT for the purpose of not changing this later, I have set it up with my future name! YAY!

This is officially the first entry in our blog! Tyler and I decided that it would be nice to keep one to update everyone on the events of our life as we plan the wedding and also after. Let's hope that we are able to keep it up and update on a regular basis.

This weekend we are supposed to take engagement pictures! We are hoping that the rain holds off long enough for it to happen. But, Tyler and I have done everything else in the rain so why not take engagement pictures in the rain? My money is that it rains on our wedding day to. Let's pray it doesn't for my sanity's sake! I will update later with some of the pictures for you all to see from the session this weekend--that is.. if it takes place!

Tyler and I are in the process of trying to purchase a house! We have found this cute little un-finished house out in East Brainerd area almost into Georgia.

We are in the process of offering, counter offering, etc. Tyler knows more about it than I do. Haha.... no surprise there! We are praying that it all works out. Zach, Tyler's current rommmate, is trying to buy the one across the sidewalk from it. It will be nice to already know a neighbor!

Since football season has officially started, I will leave you with a picture of Tyler and I at UT's season opener against Western Kentucky! (I think it is an adorable picture!) -ECM(F)

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