September 5, 2012

Adventures in the Northwest - Victoria, British Columbia

We got into the Victoria port very late. And, this would be my second time in Canada during the trip!

We had such a great time on the double decker bus in NYC that we thought it was only fitting to do it again in Victoria. And, it would be an easy way to see the city.

A very tall totem pole!

Great little homes.

More totem poles!

The Empress Hotel

These cool trees grow toward light.

Victoria is known for their flowers - they are everywhere!

World's Smallest Alley

Supposedly the World's Narrowest House

One of their Elementary Schools!

Legislative Building all lit up!

We were not as impressed with Canada as the Alaskan cities. It could have been that it was getting dark as we got there. It also started to rain right as we were finishing up our tour for which we were sitting on the top the uncovered section of the bus!

Up Next: Washington & Oregon

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