September 6, 2012

Adventures in the Northwest - Olympia, WA & Portland, OR

We got of the boat early on Sunday morning. It left us the whole day to do whatever we wanted since our plane wasn't until Monday.

Since we had marked the Juneau capital off the list while we were in Alaska, it seemed only fitting to try and make it to Olympia, Washington. 

So, we rented a car and drove an hour to Olympia. 

It just so happened that the Governor's Mansion was right next door!

I got to thinking - when would be the next time that we would be in this part of the country - probably not any time soon. Why not just drive to Salem, Oregon and mark that one off the list too! What was another 3 hours in the car? So we did.

We stopped at a little burger joint in Portland and kept going. 

I had to have proof that I was there!

These were some more cool trees! (Not sure what my obsession was trees it  - could it be my last name!?!)

This was up in the tree.

We even found a TN flag!

Since we had seen the other Governor's Mansion we had to find this one too.

Unfortunately what would have been a 4 hour drive back turned into more like 6 or 7 hours. Apparently there was some big annual event that everyone was going home from. Since we were visiting, we had no idea and was pretty much crawling down the interstate the whole way back to Seattle.

I had wanted to see the Fremont Troll in Seattle but it was too far from our hotel the first night we were in Seattle.  Seeing as how we had the rental car we decided to try and see it this time. 

And that completed everything we wanted to see on our trip!

We flew home early Monday morning. We were glad to get back to good ol' Tennessee. We had a wonderful trip! I would definitely go back to Alaska in a heart beat. You can't imagine how beautiful everything was there. 

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