June 3, 2012

Grant & Lauren's Wedding

Before I tell you all about Grant & Lauren's Wedding I must explain what happened in the events just before the wedding.

Tyler's great-grandmother, Nana Barnett passed away on Tuesday of this week. She was a wonderful women and we were sad to see her go. Nana Barnett had not been the same since her stroke 16 years ago. Tyler and I were able to go see her the day before she died. Not only is Nana Barnett Tyler's great-grandmother on his father's side but also the groom's (Tyler's cousin on his mother's side), Grant, great-aunt on his father's side. It just so happened that the funeral and the wedding happened all in the same weekend. We were supposed to leave for Mississippi for the rehearsal dinner on Friday night. However, the funeral ended up on Friday night. At the same time as the funeral was going on Nana Barnett acquired another great-grandson, Graham. Saturday morning was the burial where Tyler was a pallbearer. After that we started our 6 hour drive to Mississippi making it exactly one hour before the wedding. So, if you haven't figured it out already in this one weekend the Barnett family had a death, birth, and a wedding. Since Tyler is related on both sides of his family, we were at all of it. It was a pretty hectic weekend.

Now, let's get back to the wedding!

The Groom, Grant & Bride, Lauren!

Grant with his grandfather and almost all his cousins!

My handsome wedding date!

The wedding was baseball themed. These were the centerpieces.

Tyler & Drew- they look so much alike to be cousins!


The groom's cake!

The cake!

Cutting the cake!

We had a wonderful time! We left the next day for the drive back to Chattanooga! We were exhausted!

Congrats Grant & Lauren!

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