June 1, 2011

Top It Off: Small & Not-So-Small Projects

Finally after only being a month behind schedule - the dividing wall has made progress! They started demolition and should start building the wall soon!

They took out the HVAC that was down the center of the ceiling. (Which you can tell by the big hole in the wall at the top.) They also took out two rows of tile that are original with the building.
They also took out all the ceiling back here.

Just a small amount of the actually mess that was/is left.

Our separate HVAC was installed recently. Thankfully the exposed/metal look went well with our decor. However, the vents they put in were white. It is a good thing they make silver spray paint!

Which brings me to the lift. The demo guys had this lift for the demo which came in handy for the painting of these said vents. Zach wasn't hesitant AT ALL to get up there. More power to him.

And, why not have another excuse to use the lift again? This time to remove an exit sign. We will be recycling it and putting it in a new location because these front doors will be changing once the dividing wall is up.

With very little time left to get the small stuff left on the list. We spend all day Saturday picking up the last minute needed items.

This was our load from Sam's.

We were a little nervous about how we were going to make it all the way downtown with all this stuff. Let's just say we used A LOT of rope.
There is literally dust everywhere and only more to come. We have tried our hardest to clean as we go but there is only so much you can do. In our trips to pick up stuff we got this handy duster. Tyler wanted to try it out.

Ah, the door to no where. I am sure this will be a ever constant question as to where it goes. But, when you can't change something, embrace it. This door literally leads no where. We aren't even sure what it used to go to. It is locked and we don't own the key so we can't even open it. For a lack of a better way to cover it up. We are embracing it; we painted it "melted lava."
Next Up: The Wall Progression

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