June 7, 2011

Top It Off: The FroYo Machine Wall

One of my favorite features of Top It Off is the glass tile on wall where the foryo machines will be. When we were first planning the wall Tyler and Zach had talked about hiring someone to put up the tile. Being the avid HGTV watcher that I am, suggested there was no need to hire someone we could do it ourselves. I mean how hard could be it right? (Famous last words)

Zach's family was nice enough to come help us with the last stretch of construction on the store. They started on the tile. In one night they got about half way through.

All the Smith men there to help!
The wall was finished all that was left was the grout.
Apparently grout isn't as easy as they make it look on TV. They finished about half the wall and quit...and hired someone to finish. We were in a crunch for time because we were trying to open and this was just the easiest solution.

But now, the wall is finished and it looks great! We have the machines installed.
Zach and Tyler cheer to the first batch of froyo!
Next Up: The Floor

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