June 8, 2011

Top It Off: Finishing Touches

Lots of things have been going on around Top It Off lately. Here is a quick recap!

Our shipment of furniture came in. There was lots of unloading to do.

Our official sign was installed.. here is the first part of it.

Our cool toppings bar was also in the shipment of furniture. So Zach was chosen to be the one to hook it up.
Tyler washed the windows in preparation for our window decals.
Our art work has been hung up.

This edition of the art was done by yours truly. Photography letters from around Chattanooga spelling out FROYO.
Our dispensers came in as well.
Our metal sign is a great edition. However, and absolute beast to hang, into brick no less. So we did have a little help with this one.

Terry, Zach's mom, helped to start filling the dispensers with our toppings.
Complete & ready to top off someone's froyo!
Cereal, nuts, candy, fruit, cakes, etc.. over 50 toppings to choose from!
Those top hat signs are also my creation. They are chalk boards so we can switch out the flavors easily.
We also have some great patio seating.. the perfect spot to enjoy some froyo!
And believe it or not - Up Next: Our First Customer!

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