June 3, 2011

Banner Bags

As part of my company's 25th anniversary celebration, I was given the assignment to have old out-dated vinyl banners made into tote bags. Yes, I realize how strange that sounds but, I will say they turned out AWESOME!

Thanks to priorLIFE in Traverse City, Michigan we had 300 banners made into 500 tote bags, 50 wine totes, 50 cosmetic cases, and 10 extra large tote bags.

And, the best part was that I got to take one for myself! Of course, I picked the Mocs bag!

Even the inside is cool!

This is the cosmetic bag I picked out. It was once a banner for the Chattanooga Zoo. It had a picture of a blue parrot on it.
What have you recycled from trash to treasure?


  1. I want a bag!!! How do I get one?!