May 2, 2011

2 Years Ago Today....

Tyler asked me to be his wife!

And, just in case you were wondering how it happened....

We had known for some time that we were meant for each other. I requested a year to plan the wedding but left the rest up to Tyler. He had told me that I had to graduate college first before he would do it. I was to graduate May 3, 2009.

We had made plans to have a graduation celebration dinner the night before graduation. Earlier in the week he had cancelled on me to attend dinner with a fellow UT Trustee. The Friday morning before the big day, I was asked by my boss at the time, Terry, to work an event on campus at the Patten Chapel on that Saturday night. Seeing as how my boyfriend had alternate plans, I was free to work. All I knew was to dress nice and be there at 8:00 p.m.

Saturday arrived and it had been a crazy raining all day. We had spent the entire day together preparing for my graduation party the next day. Tyler seemed especially rushed to leave my house that afternoon and I wasn't sure why. I had gotten ready and was headed toward campus when Terry said that the event was going to be out in the rain and not to wear nice shoes. So I turned around and went home to change shoes. Once I was back on the road to campus, I called my mom and explained to her the series of mysterious events leading up to this "event" I was asked to work. My mom told me it was nothing and just to go to it.

I parked and walked around the chapel expecting to meet Terry in the Shakespear Garden next to the chapel. I was really confused to find no one there. As I reached for my cell phone suddenly, the door of the chapel opened and out popped my handsome man. I froze not knowing what to do. I wasn't expecting to see him there. I made my way over to him to which he explained there never was a dinner and this was the big moment I had been waiting for.

Tyler told me sweet things about how special he thought she was. Then he pulled the box out of his coat pocket and got down on one knee. Tyler popped the question but, I forgot to answer because I was mesmerized by the beautiful ring. So Tyler said, "Well?" I of course then said "Yes!"

Tyler put the ring on my finger and I leaned over to kiss him. Just as we kissed I heard cheering from the roof of the building near by. Terry, her boss, and Adrienne, Terry's assistant, were on the roof documenting the whole thing!


The reason he chose that day? He knew I was hard to surprise and would never expect it before graduation. And, my whole family would be in town the next day for graduation to celebrate not just one but two special occasions - because they all knew it was coming except me!

It was perfect to say the least!

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