March 9, 2011

Cookies, Cookies everywhere...

My friend Terry that works in the Chancellor's office at UTC knows my love for baking. She had the idea that for the UT Day on the Hill they needed speciality "C" cookies to give to the Tennessee Legislatures. And, I was the lucky one to get the task of making it happen!

I set out on a mission to find someone that could make me a custom cookie cutter. One of the many reasons I love Etsy....I found someone in Utah that could do it for me.

At first the order was for 80 cookies for the UT Day on the Hill. Then, once I gave them the sample cookies.. I soon received another order for 200 for the 125th Anniversary Kick Off Event.

How do you make 280 cookies? Well... multiple the ingredients by A LOT!

The first trip to the store, this is what I came back with.

I soon realized I was short.... and made another trip and got this..

The 200 batch was I started rolling out and cutting each cookie.. and I could only bake them 6 at a time.

I was averaging about 8 minutes to decorate each cookie.

Everyone really loved them and I saw several people with more than one!
Then, a week later, I made 80 more and packaged them to take a trip to Nashville for UT Day on the Hill.
So, if you need and speciality cookies, I'm your girl!

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