August 16, 2010

Wedding Recap: We Do!

Tyler and I made our way up the stairs to Pastor Daniel.
Listening intently to the sermon - "When you have two pastors, you get two sermons."
We chose to do a sand ceremony instead of a candle. (A jar of sand is a little easier to keep for a while than a partially burnt candle.)
My favorite quote from Pastor Daniel-"I've never had anyone request that I say the part about Tennessee" (Tyler had ask that he say - "By the powers invested in me by the great state of Tennessee I now pronounce you...." because in the original script, it wasn't in there!)
I love the fish eye camera lenses view of the chapel. I love this chapel. It means so much to us.
Pastor Daniel then said -"You may now kiss the Bride.. And Tyler you better not miss this time!"
And, we're off! We officially Mr. & Mrs. Tyler Forrest!
After we made our way out of the chapel we came back in while the guests made their way to the reception. This is probably one of my most favorite pictures. There are so many emotions in it and I love it!
Before we went out to our car, we captured this sweet little moment in the chapel.
Not only did UTC give me a B.S...... but also and M.R.S!
(personal all time favorite!)

We were off to the reception!

Next Up: The Reception!


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