May 17, 2010

Wedding Wirlwind

During these last weeks before the wedding I think time has sped up. I honestly can't believe it is Monday again. I feel like if Tyler and I can survive these next few weeks, we should be golden on the marriage! I am so sleep deprived I can barely keep my eyes open. Lots of things have happen so I will update you on what I can remember!

Virginia, my new next door neighbor, brought us some brownies. It is great to know the neighbors like us! Our veggie garden is still doing great. We are hoping for veggies soon!

Wednesday of last week we had a shower for our RiverCity and UTC friends and co-workers. It was a great time. I am waiting to get back some pictures from other people's cameras. But for now, here is the wonderful stuff we got there. We are blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives.

We are continuing to get packages at the house. I love getting packages so it is definitely a treat! Here is one we got this week. It was sweet because there was paper around it with hearts on it! I am continuing to crank out the Thank You notes. I am determined not to get behind!
And, during all the other events this weekend, I was dog siting this adorable pup. Meet Bella White. Probably the cutest dog... ever.
Next post: The Athens shower!

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  1. OMG That dog is adorable and you need one.