May 17, 2010

Athens Wedding Shower

Yesterday was our Athens Wedding Shower. We were so blessed to have a wonderful friends and family, tons of great gifts, delicious food, and gracious hosts.

Check out the spread of cake, chocolate covered strawberries, mints, nuts, and great tea punch!

Tyler and I soon started the gift opening. We opened gifts for 2 hours. It was intense....
Laura came from Knoxville and Sarah came from Nashville. So glad they could come!

Sarah did a wonderful job writing down all the gifts!

Me with my sister and Tyler with his sister. A fine looking bunch if you ask me!

Tyler and I with the hosts of the shower. Terry Webb, Jana Forrest, Angie Barnett, and Lori Raper. They did a great job!

We were so thankful for Laura' s Jeep! It was filled to the roof! And, we loaded up Sarah's car and caravaned to Chattanooga.
It's official. The wedding-ness has taken over the house. This was everything we received yesterday. There is still more wedding things in another room. Only 6 more weeks until we can use it all! Until then, it is organized mess.
So, after a long day, I crashed. We are so thankful for everything and have been blessed beyond our belief! So thank you all!
40 Days! - ECM(F)

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