May 11, 2010

Veggie Garden

Tyler and I decided to try our hand at gardening. This is our first vegetable garden ever but we are hoping there are plenty more in the future. I was headed down to the garden and I passed this beautiful iris. I mean how cool is that! Apparently whoever lived here before us really liked irises because there are tons! I must say, they are one of my favorite flowers to I have truly enjoyed them all!

Anyways, on to the veggies. This is our cherry tomato plant. Neither Tyler or I are big tomato eaters but we do like the cherry ones. So, this will serve as our token tomato plant. Because any good Tennessee farmer has tomato plants.
These are our banana peppers. We both love banana peppers so with 6 plants we should be set!

These are bell peppers. Another favorite of ours. We love to add these to our meat for dinner for an added kick. With 6 bell pepper plants and 6 banana pepper plants, we might have peppers coming out our ears by the end of the season!

And last but not least, our cucumbers. Yes, this is just a picture of dirt at the moment, but not for long. We are hoping to have some plants soon. There are some weeds in there to, but seeing as how I am not sure what the leaves of a cucumber looks like.. those might very well be them. We should have marked them. Haha.. oh well. :) Notes for next year!

I will make sure to keep you updated on the fruits of our labor! :)

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