March 22, 2010

Two Troublesome Letters

Remember when I posted here about those letters for the chapel doors for the wedding? Well, last time I left you, I had just spray painted them white. Sadly I kept postponing putting the hooks in the back.

A couple weekends ago, I finally got around to it. We decided to use these hooks that would simply screw into the wooden letters.

I tried....and tried. They weren't going in. So I called in re-enforcements.... Tyler tried too. Then we decided just to get the drill and try to "start" the hole.

Guess what?.... They aren't wood. They are ceramic. Yep. Guess what else? We broke the "T"...with a drill. I was mortified. Mainly because I had found these on clearance and they were the PERFECT match to the font that we have used other letters for the wedding.

Luckily, I had some AMAZING glue. I glued the "T" back together and painted a few more coats on it to try to conceal the damage. I also used some of those clear 3M hooks on the back.After fighting with the ribbon to get it just right... I now present you with the finished product:

I LOVE THEM! Let's just hope that glue holds up!


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