February 5, 2014

Pillow Making

When we were looking for furniture for our new house, we wanted something that would serve us well for years to come. We didn't want anything that we couldn't modify with our taste with so we went with beige. Have I mentioned how much we love these? They are so soft!

We also wanted a chair that went with them. We picked out this pattern - complete opposite of our neutrals!

The only problem was that the pillows that couch and love seat came with where TERRIBLE. I could hardly look at them on the couch.

So, after months and months of hunting for the right fabric that would match the couches and the chair, I finally had material for pillows.

Fun Fact: My Mom is a Home Economics major and also wicked good at sewing. Now, I have sewed with her off and on since I was little. Nothing major but sewing none the less. 

She and I spent Thanksgiving making pillows! 

They are glorious! And, they don't make my eyes hurt when I look at them! I also love that fact that I got to make them with my mom. 

And, if you aren't convinced already that I have a pretty awesome Mom, she is currently making me table runners out of the extra material. I can't wait to use them either!

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