February 10, 2014

Babies Babies!

 Don't drink the water! Baby fever has officially taken over. 

While this post is a little late since these kiddos are several months old now, I can't help but discuss what cute kids I have been able to meet lately!

First up - Raylen James Stone
Born: September 20, 2013
This little guy is about as mellow as they come. We have enjoyed some time hanging out together. Mostly he sleeps but that is ok by me!
I also had the privilege of taking some family photos for them for their Christmas cards!

Next Up: Elena Regas
Born: November 4, 2013
Elena has more hair than any baby I have ever seen. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten to see her again yet. I am hoping to change that soon!

I also have two more friends that are pregnant due this summer. The cat isn't quite out of the bag yet though so I will have to share those later. I can honestly say that this is such a fun time in my life to see my friends become parents. Who knew we were old enough to do all this?! I feel like we should still be in college!

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