May 5, 2013

Missing in Action

I have re-written this post five times now.  Where do I even begin?

Highlights of the past 5-6 months:
  • Tyler graduated with his Masters!
  • I traveled to Chicago for an academic event planners conference that I won a scholarship to attend
  • I attended a week long leadership seminar that I was hand chosen for by the UT system president. 
  • We decided to build our first house. We move in July or August! We are sad to leave our current house but are so excited about all that is to come in the new house!
  • I lost 30 pounds and have drastically changed my eating habits. Don't get me wrong, I still have lapses and still have some to go. But, I am proud of where I am headed.
  • I work...a lot. I love my job and the return makes it all worth it. April is always the busy season. This year I have pulled off some of my best yet events and it makes me love it even more.
  • I have been the president of GOLD Council this year. (UTC's young alumni group). I can honestly say I have loved every minute of it. We have an awesome group of talented people that I have enjoyed getting to know.
  • We finally found a church in Chattanooga! We have been attending regularly and it is so nice to have a place to worship on Sundays!
  • I have been scrapbooking like crazy and am actually up to date on our family yearbooks! This was a huge feat!
  • Today I met Dr. Ben Carson - he was so inspiring. I love to see people in the world that make the best of what they are given and excel at doing it!
  • I survived my 4th Commencement this weekend! It never gets any easier. 1,200 graduates is a lot no matter how you have them cross the stage. 
  • Tyler turned 25 and I turned 26 but you would never tell it.  We are old souls. We love 48 Hours mysteries and meat & three restaurants more than is normal. 
  • I will be getting a new boss again in July. I am going to miss working with Dr. Bogue. That man has so much knowledge and can make anyone laugh.
  • We went to see George Strait in concert in Knoxville for Tyler's graduation present. I can honestly say I think he was in heaven. That man loves King George and 90's country music. 
  • I found out that I was allergic to eggs. Everything has eggs in it- ok not everything. But it sure seems like it when you can't eat them!
  • I am convinced that Tyler is the best husband. Yes, I am biased but I don't care. He continues to impress me. And, I am amazed that we have almost been married 3 years. It is true that what say that time flies when you are having fun. 
  • I graduated college 4 years ago. I have now been out of college as long as I was in it. 


  1. This was such an appreciative post to read. God is blessing you guys and it's so great to read about your gratitude! That is so invaluable. Emily, I can't believe it's been four years since you've graduated! You have accomplished so much in that time! It brings me joy to read about this.

    1. Thanks, Jana! It is good to hear from you! Hope all is well with you!