September 2, 2012

Adventures in the Northwest - Skagway, AK

Before I start this post, I feel it necessary to tell you all that this was my favorite day out of the whole trip. You will see later on in the posts!

We arrived in Skagway and boarded the White Pass Railroad and headed to the Yukon Territory.

This was the engine to our train.

There were a ton of train cars!

So glad they no longer use this bridge!

This was part of the original gold rush trail that people walked with all their supplies to the Yukon Territory. 

These telephone poles were put up to use in World War II

We got off the train in the Yukon and took a bus back down to Skagway making stops along the way.

Bove Island in the Yukon Territory

Our bus stopped at a place called Caribou Crossing. It is here that I got to pet Iditarod sled dogs.

This was the mommy dog to all the puppies. They were just born in May.

We got to meet several dogs.

This golden retriever just lived on the land!

Tyler liked him the best!

Some of them were even getting ready to take some people for a ride.

While they were getting the dogs hooked up to go, all the other dogs got so excited and they all started barking. You can tell they take pride and get excited to be able to participate in this.

Then we checked out the rest of the animals. Like this pig - No, not Tyler!

Miniature horse anyone?

This was our favorite billy goat. He talked the whole time we were there.

The man that owned this little destination was known for his taxidermy skills. So, we toured all the stuffed animals that were life sized.

This is the world's largest stuffed polar bear.

The goats had their own tree house.

Me and the Canadian flag!

I couldn't get enough of those dogs so we went back to visit them again. This one was quite the biter. What you don't see is that the next second he started biting my hair.

We continued our way back to Skagway with a stop at Emerald Lake.

The silt that comes off the glacier runs down into the water leaving it this beautiful teal color.

We stopping in another little town of Carcoss where there was another stop for the railroad.

Back in downtown Skagway. One of their city ordinances is that they aren't allowed to have chain stores.

They have a tradition there that the first time that a boat docks in Skagway, they paint the name of the ship, captain, and crew on the side of this mountain. It was rumored that the higher up the painting the higher the crew thought about the captain.

Up Next: Day at Sea Two

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