August 29, 2012

Adventures in the Northwest - Seattle, WA

You might could blame Grey's Anatomy or Sleepless in Seattle but I have always wanted to go to Seattle, Washington. It seems like such an awesome city.

So, with lots of planning we started off our Northwest adventure in Seattle!

I can't help but take some awesome pictures of the clouds from our plane.

This picture is a little hard to see but it was through the clouds. But can you tell how awesome the ground was below us?

Then, before we knew it, Mt. Rainier appeared, and it was HUGE!

We landed in Seattle and caught a cab to our hotel. At this point, it had been the longest day of my life. We left Chattanooga at 1:00 PM Eastern and arrived in Seattle at 6:00 PM Pacific (9:00 PM Eastern)

We wasted no time to head down to Pike's Place to eat some wonderful seafood and catch some pictures of the Seattle sunset.

Then, we tried to go to the first Starbucks and we arrived at 9:03 PM. They closed at three minutes earlier.

So, we continued on our walking tour of downtown Seattle.

Our hotel was very close to the Space Needle. Again, we arrived at the perfect time to capture some great pictures.

We finally went to bed. And, quickly woke up at 4:00 AM. Obviously our bodies didn't get the memo about the time difference!

Since we were up early, we headed back to Starbucks to actually get some coffee while it was OPEN!! And, ironically enough, the girl that made my drink was from Chattanooga. She had just moved to Seattle to go to grad school.What a small world!

I don't think that a peppermint mocha has ever tasted so good!

Tyler got coffee too, it just so happened to be in his hand out of the picture!

Then, we took in the daylight views of downtown.

Next adventure was Pike's Place. We got down there right as all the vendors were setting up.

I told Tyler, this is what I think heaven will look like, lots and lot flowers. I was literally in heaven.

One of my favorite pictures of all time.

There was also lots and lots of seafood. 

I couldn't help but get this picture!

 Oh, and the fruit & veggies!

 We got to try some of these awesome cherries. We also ate one of the best peaches I have ever tasted.

 Next on the agenda was brunch at the Space Needle.

Before we ate, we got to walk around the observatory deck.

Just a couple shots of our view:

We had some absolutely wonderful salmon.(Needless to say, we ate A LOT of fish on this trip!)

It was finally time, we boarded this ship and got ready to sail to ALASKA!

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  1. My heaven will not have all those flowers! I would be sneezing non-stop! It if very beautiful, though!