August 31, 2012

Adventures in the Northwest - Ketchikan, AK

The next day we woke up to the beautiful Alaska. I was in love. The pictures don't do it justice for how amazing it was.

These waterfront cabins were right next to where our boat docked.

We got off the cruise boat and got onto another boat that took us on a Misty Fjord Cruise.

New Eddystone Rock

If you look closely you can see the seals!

I can't believe I am putting this up, but it was very very windy!

Float planes were everywhere. You can spot one in this picture just above that mountain.

We passed some more seals a little closer to the boat.

After we got back from the Misty Fjord we walked around downtown Ketchikan. (Of course, showing our Mocs love!)

We got back on the ship to continue our voyage in the Inner Passage.

This picture looks like a green screen but I promise this was just off our balcony!

There were several whales by our boat that night. Here you can see the water that the whale just blew out.

There were at least four hump back whales all together.

Right as the whales swam in another direction, we got to watch a perfect sunset.

Up Next: Tracy Arm

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